3 ways to invest in Silver

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  1. Silver ETF’s

Invest in an exchange traded physical silver (ETF) Fund like PSLV for the lowest premiums to the silver spot price. The PSLV fund is a Fully Allocated Silver fund which is also backed up and redeemable for physical silver metal. The Trust’s metal is held in custody by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Federal Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada. It can be purchased on the New York Stock Exchange or Toronto Stock Exchange.

eToro an online broker allows you to buy and sell silver through the PSLV trust online quickly and easily with 0% commission. Click here to purchase PSLV shares through eTroro.

2. Bullion bars and coins

Bullion is physical silver in the form of coins, bars, or ingots. The premiums are generally higher. There are a couple of ways to buy bullion silver. Some local coin, pawn, or jewelry shops sell silver bullion. You can also purchase from online sellers of bullion, although this will incur (sometimes expensive) shipping costs.

Silver Bullion is usually marked with symbols such as “Sterling” (92.5% silver) or “0.9999”. These markings help authenticate the silver. The .9999 means that the bullion is 99.99% silver.

3. Buy Silver Mining Stocks

Another way to invest in silver is to purchase stock in the companies that mine it. Instead of purchasing a portfolio of stocks through a mutual fund, you are buying them individually.

  • Silver mining stocks are probably the most speculative way to participate in the silver market. Though they generally parallel the price performance of silver and often exceed it, they also involve risks that are inherent in any company.
  • Many things impact the prices of stocks. These include international disturbances, environmental catastrophes, foreign government regulation or nationalization, labor unrest, and international currency fluctuations.
  • But as mining companies, they also have risks specific to mining activity. That includes high capital cost, the risks of mine exhaustion, an oversupply of the metal, and even the possibility of developing a mine only to find minimal or no silver.

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